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     From the moment they arrived, I knew this cleaning team was going to do an incredible job - and they did!
John M.15/02/2024
     This company truly goes above and beyond expectations. Their prices are usually reasonable and the cleaning service was performed efficiently.
Mandy K.02/02/2024
     My experience with the cleaner was wonderful, they were very helpful and hands-on, I plan on returning for their cleaning services.
Stuart D.22/01/2024
     The prompt and efficient service provided by MillHillCarpetCleaners has made them our go-to company for all carpet cleaning needs.
D. Griffit18/12/2023
     Our carpet and furniture in the living room were excellently managed by these skilled cleaners. We are extremely pleased with the product we got!
K. Phelps03/11/2023
     I'm not one for writing reviews, however the quality of the home cleaning from MillHillCarpetCleaners was so incredible that I have to write a review. Highly recommend this business for any occasion - their talent in solving any kind of hygiene problem is unmatched.
Daniel R.18/05/2023
     What a great result thanks to the amazing end of tenancy cleaning done by MillHillCarpetCleaners, I got my full deposit back!
Gerald S. Murphy23/02/2023
     I recently bought a few pieces of second-hand furniture. The plan was to fix it up and sell it. For most of the pieces, all went according to plan however the sofa and loveseat had several stains that I couldn't get out. I called this cleaning service because they had cheaper prices for upholstery cleaning than most other places I was checked in. Their cleaners were able to get both completely cleaned. I would definitely use their services again.
Terry M.21/05/2020
     I'll never have any other company clean my home again! Carpet Cleaning Company Mill Hill crew was efficient, professional and considerate. Can't find a better company.
     Just wanted to take a moment to thank Mill Hill Carpet Cleaning for help with my end of tenancy cleaning - they helped me to do some upholstery cleaning, windows, oven cleaning, a small rug cleaning and a few other things. Cheap service for so much work, it was a really great deal, thanks!
J. Brown28/07/2017
     We needed a cleaning company to help us clean out a room we'd been using for storage to make a baby room for a new pregnancy. That was the best the room ever looked in years.
F. Banks28/06/2017
     Now that I use MillHillCarpetCleaners on a weekly basis I have never been happier. It's a cliché to say that everything is coming together as such, but with the help of this company it really is! Now that we've had an addition to the family and time is a little more pushed it's been a test to keep things organised, but, with the help of your cleaners we are certainly getting there. Our household is always left looking immaculate and this obviously has a good effect on everyone's mood! We are now handling things fantastically and this is in part due to your great staff! Thank you so much!
Marta G.23/10/2014